Best Method to Select Doctor Excuse Notes

Selecting the doctor excuse notes from the available online templates could be a simple task, if you know the exact illness you wish to fake. The note alone is of no use unless you learn to fake the illness practically also. For example you can assume a situation wherein you wish you take three days “break” from work faking fever. Your appearance should make someone (your boss especially) believe that you are about to get sick. So you need a few tips about how you can pretend to fall sick.

doctor excuse notesPreparing for Doctor Excuse Notes

If you are planning to take a break from Thursday, your symptoms of fever should appear from Monday. You might get frequent headache, nausea with signs of throwing up. You might use a headache relief gel to apply lightly on your forehead. Have a heavy breakfast before going to office because you need to skip your lunch as you need to fake “feverish condition”. Avoid smoking and drink more coffee. Two days of faking can effectively cerate the framework of empathy in your boss’s mind about you.

  • On the third day you may choose to take “French leave” from work. But do call your boss to inform about your fever. Since the groundwork of empathy is already done, he might have no objections.
  • Now it is time for you to create the doctor excuse notes. Open the browser and search for the doctor excuse notes template. Once you download it you could edit it using a word processor in your computer.
  • Selecting the medical center and doctor name seems to be very simple. But you should take care of choosing an entity which will not be probed by your boss in future. In fact if you are able to select the right names for these two entities, your problem of preparing the doctor excuse notes is solved by 50%. It is suggested you choose real names, but away from the place you work or live. Fill up the personal details.
  • Now you need to write the prescription for medicines and treatment. For this you can search the internet and choose the right one. You can enhance the intensity of your fever if you wish to take about two to three days of extended break. Recommended return day to work should be one day later than the day you go back to work. This can create a good impression about you in your office, especially on your boss.

Using the Sick Note Template

sick note templateYou can select the sick note template which has readily available prescription for medicine and treatment. This will save you from searching and doing research. But you should download the template at least a week before the day of faking sickness. This will help you in preparing for faking exactly as in the template. You need to change only the, medical center name in the title and its address. Enter your personal details. The template text for illness, symptoms, medication and treatment can be used without changing, if they are applicable in your case. Otherwise you may need to edit them in the sick note template.