Unusual Gifts for the Artistic Friends

The key ideas which dominate the artistic feelings in your friend can be determined by the effectiveness of the unusual gifts you give them. They need not be always high end in price or luxurious in nature. A simple handmade wooden box with neatly drawn image on it can do the trick for you. Make sure the interior has a soft material covering like velvet. Black is the color of power which absorbs everything into its folds. Coating the interiors black velvet and lacquer would be the ideal combination.

Symbol on the Unusual Gifts

The symbol of art on the unusual gifts should preferably be something unique. For example you can think of a pioneering emblem of freedom and liberty. This symbolism can represent the imaginative and creative power of your friend which has made her into a gifted artist. The American bald Eagle is one of the suggested symbols.

  • This symbol has its weight in gold if you observe it carefully. The unique combination of colors like white, black, yellowish brown and deep brown takes you back in time to the time of visionary people who worked hard and shaped the country and the communities in which you live now. This handmade painting is also artistically inspiring, for the way in which the eagle has been drawn makes the receiver feel gifted.
  • The handmade wooden box is always precious gift for an artist, for it brings her closer to her creativity. This is also symbol of human association with nature since early times. Choosing a box made from 8 unique species of wood and multiple pieces as gift could be a great experience by itself.
  • The eagle image on the wooden box coveys a unique perspective of space. Flying at incredible heights and astonishing pace, the eagle is able to spot the tiniest of species like a “mouse” buried under the bushes. You can often compare this vision with the artists’ curiosity for detailing in their works. A giant portrayal of landscape can also depict the intricate designs of a tiny flower drawn somewhere between the bushes. This sort of focus on the macro and micro parts of an art makes the artist unique in her approach to works.
  • The arrangement of signs on the artistic gift box may vary from an eagle, galloping horse, wild bear, butterfly, puppy or even a crane about to take off. All of them represent the freedom of expression without limitations and inhibitions.

Unusual Gifts are forever

By presenting your artistic friend with unusual gifts, you are making her remember you forever. She will obviously preserve the gifts in a safe space and care for it. A Jewelry box made of multiple species and wood, bearing an eagle symbol could be something extraordinarily surprising for her. She can use it to preserve her expensive jewelry and precious stones. Whenever she uses these unusual gifts, she is bound to remember you.