How to select the best adwords bid strategy

The determination of best adwords bid strategy for your business could be based on the targets of your campaigns within a specific time. You might have chosen pay per click, pay per view, pay per action or pay per conversion. The probability of choosing multiple options for different or same products also exists. In such cases you need to select the right plan based on many parameters like attracting new leads, enhancing existing markets, new product launches, expanding the scope of reach etc.

New Leads and adwords bid strategy

adwords bid strategyGeneration of new leads for your business could be a challenging task depending on the existing popularity of your products and services. If you are exploring new markets in unknown geographical locations you may start with pay per click. This will help in generating the visitor traffic to your website. You may try and collect maximum information from the new visitors like email-ID, product preferences, buying patterns etc. This data helps you in following the new leads with email marketing and other strategies.

  • Pay per view is a strategy in which you make your business and products visible to the searchers. There are many types in this strategy which include advertisement banners in the form of “pop up” windows. They may appear at the right corner of the search engine result page. In some cases the window keeps scrolling as the visitors move up and down the page. In some other instances they may appear as independent widow which the visitor can clock to close. The main benefit of this type of adwords bid strategy is that it is based on specific keyword. Only those searchers who use the keywords in your campaign will be able to view your adwords. This will help you focus on potential visitors and customers.
  • Pay per conversion is kind of long term adwords bid strategy which always works in your favor. If the visitor doesn’t buy anything after visiting your webpage you pay nothing. But you may still get visitors to your website when they enter by clicking. The cost for this sort of strategy could be more compared to other types but it is worth the investment for your business in the long run. The quality of your website design and the content effectiveness can enhance the probability of conversion.
  • Pay per action is another adwords bid strategy which helps you generate valuable visitor traffic to your website. You may choose the action which the visitor needs to perform. This could be going to a certain page, leaving the email-ID, filling up an online form etc. The action you choose needs to be the initial point from which the probability of business conversion can increase. This again depends on the design and content effectiveness in your website.

adwords bid strategy

Lead consolidation with adwords bid strategy

All the leads you get from the best adwords bid strategy may not be converted immediately. In fact many of the leads may take long time to get converted. What you need is lead consolidation which means potential visits by the new leads consistently to your website.