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Picking On The Best Lube For Anal Use

There is no denying the need for extra bit of lubrication and often people are left at a loss to choose the best lube for anal applications.  There are a number of different types of lubes available for use and the consumer must choose the proper type and brand of lube based on his personal requirements.

best lube for anal best anal lubricantFactors that get to choose the best lube for anal use

There are principally three types of lubricants for the kind of use discussed; principally the water based jelly, the silicone base cream and the petroleum based one. They are briefly discussed below.

  • Water based jelly: This could be probably the best anal lubricant for all purposes.  They are simple to apply and remove.  And is as good as not having used anything at all.  The original jelly is a colorless and odorless substance but often manufacturers add extra color and fragrance to make the experience of using them pleasant.
  • Silicone lubes: When a fair bit of slipperiness is required that is not had with the water based jelly, the silicone creams are used. They also come in handy when the jelly needs to stay on for a longer period than what the water based jelly can do.  It is possible that certain fabrics can be discolored when exposed to the silicone base and thus it is advised to test out any before using the jelly.
  • Petroleum based jelly: This could be the least preferred form of lubrication available and is usually used for the cost factor. More over the jelly would last longer on application than the former two types.  Like the other two jellies this type can be colored and scent added to increase its attractiveness.

Usually the choice of a anal lube is more personal than anything else.  With the very intimate nature of its application people usually go with what feel nice than anything else.  At times the need to be discrete is also a valid reason to be using a particular type of lubricant.

The common misconceptions of use

When people are first introduced to the need for extra lubrication, the first reaction is ‘Oh my God’.  Little does it occur to them that there are a number of instances when a bit of lubrication is need for other purposes.  People who have used suppositories would tell how important a bit of lubrication is in placing the medicine.  Also in medical use, the colonoscopy procedures are uses of lubricants that make them an inseparable part of the procedure.

best lube for anal best anal lubricant

That the anal lubes are used in any application when there is some movements in the anal area that goes against the flow given by nature.  It thus is a very common habit to use some form of lubrication. Not only are procedures make more tolerable, they are less dreaded too.  It is thus very much a part and parcel of any modern day hospital.  I am sure most gastroenterologists would swear by their use in daily routines.

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Find great ski chairlift swing for sale to make your home interesting

The homeowners often try to find new things to design the interior and exterior of the house which is different than the usual stuff. This makes a very good impression on the guests. The choice of abstract things reflects the off-the-track taste of the owner. For an instance, the latest trend of buying refurbished and nicely restored ski chair lifts in the living room is really a cool idea to make your interior look absolutely different. The choice also reflects your love for skiing and the guests will get the opportunity to enjoy the sweet swings on them.

ski chairlift swing for sale

A must-have addition

The ski chairlift swing for sale is a great option to redecorate the interior and redefine the internal and external environment of your house. The chair lift swings are brought down directly from the ski resorts in the mountain for a restoration process.

The entire setup is remodeled in such a fashion that it suits every interior. In fact, the dimensions are so well-designed that the chair swings fit in nicely wherever you want to see them.

Added features in ski chairlift swings

The material that is used to prepare a full-fledged ski chairlift swing is very hardy and robust. The framework can handle up to 600 lbs of weight without any worries of damage. The seating capacity on the chairlifts is 2 persons.

The steel frame is neatly restored with desirable colors and rust-free coating. The seating arrangement is well-designed with strong maple wood with a beautiful finish. The maple wood offers a nice color to the entire setup that matches with the ambiance and also offers a comfortable seating alignment for two.

The entire setup comes with hanging arrangements. The eye hooks are also made of high-quality material. A set of springs and the eye hooks make a great pair to hang the chairlifts properly anywhere you want.

Customizable features of the ski chairlifts

This ski chairlift swing for sale is probably the best idea for a leisure arrangement. The wooden features can be customized as per your wish. You can get teak, maple or mahogany wood slats in your chair lifts. The different genre of wood will provide a different taste of color and design naturally.

The ski chairlift swings also come with a nameplate which is fixed at the top of the swing. You can add your family name or any funny message on the wooden plate. The engravings will be made as per your choice of font style. In fact, the color of the frame can be delivered as per your choice. A proper wood finish along with the vibrant color choice will make this ski chairlift swing for sale the focus of attraction in your room or veranda.


A well-restored and remodeled ski chairlift imparts a welcome message to the guests. The ambiance gains a touch warmth and love from the addition of such a masterpiece. Add few cushions and watch your guests and family members spend all day swinging and building memories. Get these strong and beautiful ski chairlifts now.