0h h1

0h h1

A lovely little logic game.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.3.5
  • Updated: May 11, 2016
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



0h h1 is a little logic game that follows three simple rules:

- Three red tiles or three blue tiles next to each other in a row or column isn't allowed
- A full row or column must have as many blue tiles as it has red ones.
- No two rows are the same. No two columns either.

It's up to you to complete the grid without ever having to guess. Simply tap a tile to make it blue or red and complete the grid. 0h h1 gives you unlimited puzzles in four grid sizes:

4 x 4
6 x 6
8 x 8
10 x 10

Each puzzle can be played in perfect Zen mode without any pressure. But you can attempt to beat your personal best time in the game's time trials, unlock fun achievements and compete with friends in leaderboards.

0h h1 is a little gift to you. We hope you enjoy it.
0h h1 can also be played on 0hh1.com.

And don't forget to check out its sibling game 0h n0! 0hn0.com


3,902 total
5 2,538 
4 906 
3 242 
2 86 
1 130 

  • 0h h1
    Rob Haupt Published date: January 17, 2017

    Good quick puzzle game It's quick in that you can finish a 8x8 grid in probably two to five minutes. It's repetitive, but I keep coming back to it and it's sister game. I'd like to see this expand if possible to maybe add a challenge mode where you get a solved grid, but it contains errors that you have to fix. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Connie Cochrane Published date: October 31, 2017

    When you find yourself somewhere, having to wait unexpectedly, this game (and it's companion) are awesome to have. It only takes a little while to complete one of the games so you have something to do other than complain about waiting somewhere unexpectedly. :)) I also like that there isn't any background music and NO ads! It does require a few brain cells..and that is okay. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Bryan Stancliff Published date: June 6, 2016

    Still crashing I enjoyed the game while it worked, but the intermittant crashes I initially experienced have completely taken over causing the game to shutdown and then continuously reload the startup page within moments of opening the program. The game is essentially useless at this point. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    KAichi Sendou Published date: June 18, 2016

    12x12 Display? On the 12x12 board the left three columns are displayed differently and are different shades of blue and red. Is that normal? If not please fix it, it kinda ruins my focus but overall very fun. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Jayant Published date: May 30, 2016

    Very addictive. But cannot save a game to continue later... Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Hy Nguyễn Published date: August 7, 2017

    Small sized, brilliant game! Idk how you programmed it to generate random puzzles and still follow the rules. Great game right here. Cool how thia game requires my elimination skill, reminds me of bomb sweeper. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    busterman 62 Published date: June 29, 2016

    Addicting. Great time waster. Only issue is sometimes on the higher levels my fat fingers change a color by mistake. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Stella Stavr Published date: November 27, 2016

    Favourite game Addictive as hell!!! I played this game on windows phone, now in android it's so much better and im hooked again! Great job guys I'll try your other games too 😉 Full Review

  • 0h h1
    NoGhost Published date: June 9, 2017

    I am addicted to this game its so fun yet challenging. It even feels nice to put all the tiles. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Joseph Torres Published date: April 11, 2017

    Insanely addictive. Could use achievements for filling in only one color before placing any of the other, and an option to choose which color is one vs two touches would be nice. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Denis Khabensky Published date: February 4, 2017

    Simply awesome game! Glad it has mobile version, not only web Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Amy Stockman Published date: October 31, 2016

    Great UI The form of this game is popular, but have seen many with poor user interface. This one is very solid for one that offers hints. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Hasmik Kalantarian Published date: July 23, 2017

    Love the game, but please make the screen always on - it's irritating when the screen turns off when you're thinking Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Charlie Austin Published date: December 21, 2016

    No, oh hi to you! Simple fun, will be come challenge but smooth gradient up difficulty mountain Full Review

  • 0h h1
    samir shrestha Published date: August 19, 2017

    Game is just set of rules. No fun Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Your Pal Nurav Published date: May 24, 2016

    Great app!! For getting some useful tips on how to solve 0h h1 or Takuzu, you can search for "0h h1 tips YPN" in YouTube Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Sage Betko Published date: July 6, 2016

    Try it Fantastic little game! Simple concept and simple gameplay. No ads, and no IAPs is a plus too. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Edward Jackman Published date: February 18, 2017

    Multiple solutions. Pointless. Sloppy progamming. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Jyoti Q Dahiya Published date: February 5, 2017

    One of the BEST logic puzzle games EVER. Instant addiction. Absolutely love it. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    William Stroup Published date: July 5, 2017

    Simple logic problems, pattern recognition is important to succeed in solving Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Iwan Lamble Published date: November 25, 2016

    Fantastic game I've been playing it for months. It's so simple yet so engrossing Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Alex Haber Published date: March 11, 2017

    A truly lovely little logic game. Better on PC, but still great. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    First Last Published date: March 11, 2017

    It is an interesting little puzzle game, but it could use some sound. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Thelete / Cookie Published date: May 16, 2016

    One of the best puzzle games on the market, spent many many hours playing this game Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Laurence Filo Published date: September 30, 2016

    MORE Levels pleease! Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Will Mael Published date: May 11, 2017

    It's like sudoku but easier, and god knows sudoku is hard Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Jean-François Pruneau Published date: May 26, 2016

    Simple My new favorite on the phone. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Chuck Doran Published date: February 21, 2017

    Mind Teaser-fun to play Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Keith Luton Published date: May 25, 2016

    Oh H1 Lots of fun. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Colton B Published date: May 17, 2017

    Addicting and a great time passer Full Review

  • 0h h1
    R M L Published date: August 21, 2017

    Great way to pass the time Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Stacey de Sorgo Albers Published date: August 29, 2017

    please enable multi window Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Sophia Miller Published date: February 17, 2017

    This game is amazing. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Melissa G. Lawson Published date: August 23, 2017

    Simple and addictive! Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Roman Dolkin Published date: December 23, 2016

    Love the game Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Михаил Кузнецов Published date: August 22, 2016

    Love it Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Jonathan Medina Published date: May 1, 2016

    love it! i like this puzzle. very simple and yet challenging. already shared it with friends. however, some minors details. a reset button would be nice to start over a puzzle; is more faster than having to tap a lot undoes. and more importantly, while the themes are cool, after a while some of them cause temporary color blindness. granted, contranoid themes may help, but the little shake effect is annoying, specially on bigger grids. please, provide another theme less stressful for the eye! (same goes for 0h n0) Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Austin Crowe Published date: October 7, 2015

    Please fix crashes I LOVE this game, I would play it all the time on my iPhone 4s, but now that I've switched to a Galaxy Ace style phone, and I've gotten all the updates, I always seem to have the game crash. If it doesn't crash, then some of the tiles won't appear to change colors and it feels froze. Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Sofia Martins Published date: March 29, 2016

    Love it I had played other versions of this puzzle but none had been so visually easy to understand. I just wish they would make bigger grids. After a while it starts getting easy. EDIT: New sizes added, review updated, three stars given :) Full Review

  • 0h h1
    Janez Å inkovec Published date: March 9, 2016

    Simple concept, but puzzles are far from trivial Just the right set up for a good puzzler: simple rules, intuitive interface and logical solution every time. Guessing really ruins a puzzler and 0h h1 and 0h n0 require none of it! Full Review

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