Dictionary - M-W Premium

Dictionary - M-W Premium

America's best dictionary and thesaurus - with premium content and no ads

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: October 13, 2016
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



Get America’s most useful and respected dictionary, optimized for your Android device. This is the best Android app for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building.

And now we’ve added new word games! It’s never been more fun to learn new words and test your vocabulary for everyone from English learners to total word nerds. Hundreds of words to test your skills.

Offline access: You’ll have complete access to definitions and synonyms whether or not you’re connected. You will need a connection to view illustrations, hear audio pronunciations, and use voice search.


* No ads
* Full Thesaurus: more than 200,000 word choices, examples, and explanations
* New Vocabulary-Building Quizzes: fun, fast quizzes to learn new words or test your vocabulary
* Voice Search: look up a word without having to spell it
* Word of the Day: learn a new word every day.
* Example Sentences: understand how a word is used in context
* Quick Definitions: perfect for on-the-go lookups
* Audio Pronunciations: voiced by real English speakers, not text-to-speech robots
* Favorite Words and Search History: Keep track of the words that are most important to you
* Premium Content: over 1000 graphical illustrations, and over 20,000 additional entries covering people, places, and foreign terms
* For Tablets: Scrolling Index: browse the entire dictionary


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  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Published date: June 30, 2017

    This is a good app but, for my use case, its not not worth the upgrade from the free version. My specific complaint is that I've been a Merriam Webster Unlimited subscriber for many years, and had hoped that this app would have the more robust definitions / etymologies that the Unlimited website does. Unfortunately, these are as terse as in the free version of the app. Still, I'll keep the Premium app it because it's worth a few bucks to support Merriam Webster. In the future, it'd be nice to have an "Unlimited"-quality native Android app. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Antonello L. Published date: November 27, 2016

    Our mini-review of English dict apps.. We just checked out tons of dictionaries for my wife that has to teach English. At the end the best is the (real) Oxford Advanced Learning one, but it costs 28€.. This comes a close second best, but at 3€. Only problem, it is AE, and not BE at all. At the end she kept the Oxford and I kept this one.. For a free solution (although much more messy) check out TheFreeDictionary. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Walter Adams Published date: July 26, 2017

    This app has great content. When you can use it. Damn near every time it gets an update you get a message "Not enough storage space" any time you try to use any feature! This happened almost weekly for a while. It looked like it was fixed, but now it's back. Fix this! I love you dictionary, but your phone application sucks! Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Kasha Maslowski Published date: January 2, 2017

    Fun extras I really enjoy the games. It's replaced the other time wasters I had on my device. After the game you can review all of the vocabulary you encountered and then favorite what you want to look up again later. I hope in the future that the games expand the vocabulary, or maybe work in some kind of memory so that words you miss frequently appear again. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Syreeta W. Published date: January 13, 2017

    Everyone needs a Dictionary app like this! Speech, especially English is spoken or pronounced differently around the world and often abused. However, I can't remember every English word out there, I need a Dictionary. So much to learn, but not enough time in the world, great reference at your literal fingertips. It's nice to lookup not only the meaning of words, but hearing the words spoken correctly is an added bonus of this dictionary. The word games help challenge what I know or learn what I don't. Awesome Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Zann McCloud Published date: December 12, 2017

    Fantastic app. The best dictionary to download by far, period. I can't recommend this app strongly enough! --------- That said, I do have one major (for me, anyway) question: Since I can't find a link for customer service in the app, I'll just ask here. I figure I have about the same chance getting a reply here. I love this app, it's in my top 5 apps ever. I'm a writer, & I use this religiously. I have a ton of "favorite words" marked/saved in the app I have on my iPad, but it doesn't seem to be able to transfer to my Galaxy Note 8. Is there any way to open an account, or something similar, so that I can see, edit, & save all of my tab words between all of my mobiles? I bought the premium version on all of them, if that helps? Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Yu Ii Published date: May 11, 2017

    Hello there, any SUPPORT, EARS?👎 NOW: 1 Copy the term,  2 load MW Dictionary,  3 Clear the MW's search field,  4 paste the term 5 Select the term in the pulldown menu for the definition.   SUGGESTION: 😀 MW open on the content of the clipboard.  And that's only ONE step.  Many other dictionaries slready use clipboard contents.  Why are you defying logic?😈  ALSO when Internet is unavailable,  you have no audible pronunciation.  Make your PRONUNCIATION OFFLINE and serve your customers better. How many more years to request this necessity? Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Rj Stansberry Published date: January 23, 2017

    I for one am very disappointed in the voice recognition of this App. I have even tried contacting the Developers to see if there was anyway of improving its ability to recognize voice commands. I was told to speak more clearly and then a quieter place. This was a totally unprofessional responses. As of May the Latest update to the app is a very big improvement. Thumbs up Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Zachary MacGiven Published date: January 14, 2018

    A solid dictionary app for quick referencing, but should never be trusted as a total resource. The amount of English words missing from this dictionary is staggering. The so-called word origins are mostly laughable conjectures based on little or nothing substantial. Any word that doesn't have a linear root source in Latin is beyond Merriam-Webster's comprehension. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Isha Jain Published date: August 1, 2017

    The best dictionary app in playstore ever found. Worth spending money and buying the app for removing ads. 1. simple and user friendly UI 2. Liked the way all possible contextual meanings of a single word are given 3. Liked the dictionary+ thesaurus feature. Things I dint like/ want to be included: 1. Why is there a max. limit of 20-25 words that are saved in history? Why not 1000 or more or unlimited? or a feature that allows us to bookmark a word to be visited later. what say? 2. Games are boring here. the second and third game of true/ false and name a thing are more like GK quizzes than vocabulary build up 3. though etymology os given for certain words, but not for all words. plus, it is too plain amd borig. would love to see etymology in a more detailed explanation Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Nicola Mingotti Published date: December 31, 2016

    Best English dictionary for foreigners Great app, a simple explanation on the top of the screen, before the full definition make it a pleasure to use this dictionary. Very good price. I would like to have possibility to share a word definition on twitter, it seems i can't augment the list of sharing app and twitter is not in the default list on my phone. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Robert Bruner Published date: November 23, 2017

    Very satisfied. Worth the price if bothered by ads. I have "Dictionary Premium" with with all additional extra modules, as well as "Wiktionary" which is free. It's very solid in its performance, and the content speaks for itself considering the source. I would love to have the premium American Heritage but consider its price ridiculous compared to the others. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Melody Yap Published date: January 4, 2017

    NOT ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE ERROR Im getting this error when in fact i have both external and internal space like more than 13GB ams 20GB on SD card.. What's going on??? Now i can't use this stupid app and I paid for this! Please refund me. How can I request a refund?? Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Aaron Mbogho Published date: November 22, 2016

    Value for money is evident I have been using the App for four years now. It's value has recently increased by adding "word games" like "name a thing" and "difficult words" which keeps my grade six daughter at her fiercest edge in English, her parents third language. Great App. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Mark Mitchell Published date: June 29, 2017

    300 MB seems really excessive. i wish i knew why it were so big. if it's because that's what's necessary to give us a comprehensive dictionary, fine, my frustration is baseless. if it's because there are a bunch of stupid add-ons, i wish i had the option to get rid of those. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Published date: January 3, 2018

    Love the App, but on the Word of the Day, the date continuously remains a day behind. Have uninstalled the app several times and re- installed it, but the date continues to be a day behind. To bad that Merriam-Webster / Google fail to properly maintain their App. Otherwise I greatly appreciate it. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Napas Warongrubporn Published date: August 14, 2017

    The bad thing is this all didn't optimized on Android. The user experience side is sluggish. You should be able to type and search the second you open the app, but it require you to tap it first before type. Making the Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Dave Peters Published date: September 26, 2017

    Fully agree with "A Google user" who posted on 6/30/2017. This app is just O.K., and oddly not as robust and feature-rich as M/W's easily accessed (and free) web presence. Better than many, but nonetheless disappointing. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Betty Anne Shores Published date: October 1, 2017

    I have a pretty good vocabulary already. If I'm looking up a word, it's an unusual word. Nine times or of ten, it is not in here and I have to go elsewhere. I paid for this, but need to find a better dictionary. Edit, two years later, and I'm still using this, and it's still mostly useless. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Bob Yuan Published date: December 11, 2017

    The definition and examples are comprehensive. however the UX of the app itself is little weird. I always used to press back button when try to return the previous word but got returned home. It need some time to get used this new UX. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Guerrilla Music LLC Published date: September 9, 2017

    Great look-up tool, but lacks passive book mode. You cannot "read" through the dictionary, only directly input target words. An option which lists all the dictionary entries sequentially would be ideal. Otherwise, a fine app. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Matthew McCamman Published date: October 16, 2017

    The only problem i have is with saving favorites. The save symbol to favorites is covered by the word Thesaurus. Please fix this so i can save to favorites. I upgraded and bought the ad free app. This problem NEEDS to be fixed. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Stephanie Maresch Published date: October 10, 2017

    I like this app, its very useful. My only problems is that it doesn't know the word 'hypovolemia' and when I updated to the premium version it deleted all of my saved words. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Hammaad Rizvi Published date: December 31, 2017

    Its is the best English dictionary I've ever seen. It has no doubt better and simpler definitions than the Oxford English Dictionary. Give spelling suggestions, if one search a word with a wrong spelling. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Kamal Dev Published date: May 8, 2017

    This app deserves 1 star because your customer support is unresponsive. Secondly, I don't see any option to see previous 'word of the day' words. This is such a simple feature but not available. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Ashutosh Mishra Published date: January 8, 2018

    Nice Dictionary to have on your phone. Very handy. Best feature is the offline mode & word of the day. Some improvements can be made in the games content. Rest is all good. Go for the paid version to avoid annoying ads Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    303tk4 Published date: November 11, 2016

    Idioms and Windows app needed I like its clean and vivid UI. However it only works in searching single word. We often come across unfamiliar idioms but this app isn't much of a help. BTW why the hell shut down rhe Windows app!? Unbelievable.. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Gerard Lally Published date: December 9, 2016

    Together with Wordweb and Chambers my favourite by far. The small price for the premium version is a price well worth paying. It hasn't let me down yet, even when I've thrown it some words peculiar to a niche discipline. The layout and colour scheme are just right for the small screen. Two or three euro for this? Don't think twice about it. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Jameel Siddiq Published date: December 4, 2016

    Very good, particularly with the games The only one gripe I've got is that word of the day seems to be stuck. I get a message, 'unable to load'. But the principal functionality of the dictionary and thesaurus are excellent. I've done chess puzzles and other puzzles but I wanted some leisure diversions that would have real world benefit and the games included here give me that. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Anthony G. Published date: June 22, 2017

    Merriam Webster's is THE dictionary of American English, so if you've got the hard copy, why not have the app too! :) And I really like the additional games feature! Nice job MW! 👍 Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    abdelmounaim ryouni Published date: October 22, 2016

    Index error nessage Since last update of android, a few weeks ago, I couldn't use me. Index doesn't build up and ends with a "not enough soace" error. I gave more than 5gb left on internal and even more on external sd Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Faisal Al-Bandar Published date: October 27, 2016

    The new design is beautiful Very practical and easy to use. I'm not a native speaker so this really comes in handy. I tried many other products but in my opinion this is the best dictionary out there. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Ason Frio Published date: October 13, 2017

    Would be great if they supported spell-correct in any form. I often search for words I'm not familiar with after hearing them in speech or podcasts and it's disheartening to have to employ Google over my dictionary simply because I don't know how to spell it. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    miller almeida Published date: September 1, 2017

    Sometimes it crashes and sometimes I don't find certain words (very rarely), otherwise it works perfectly. It's still my favorite dictionary app. I love the games and it'd be perfect if it have some kind of flashcards thing to remind difficult vocabulary. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Sai Swarooop Thati Published date: June 9, 2017

    Sir, I got two requests, enable look up word on clipboard & if there's any​ possibility for Dictionary - M-W Premium app to have an intent-filter or other public interface for word lookup please add it. There're plenty of readers (Moon+, Lirbi etc) & users out there requesting dictionary applications to provide intent filters but in vain. Please be a pioneer in providing intent filter. Besides it'd be a great favour for geeks like me. Thanks! Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Lynnell Emmanuel Neri Published date: October 6, 2017

    Trustworthy but too hassle to copy-paste word into the app. Better if I can search much easier. And Google search's pronunciation is way faster. So, instead of using this anymore, I usually use Google Search instead of I just highlight the text, and select Web Search beside Copy-Paste-Select-All options. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    hi rob Published date: December 27, 2016

    Doesn't work most of the time. New app is too convoluted to use. The Old app was more user friendly. never can get the speaker to work. ..still no audio with most of the words. Do you have any professionals working in this program remind me of the GM ignition switch situation just pass it on no audio for most words! !! This dictionary paid version suppose to have more words....unabridged version. .Yet it could locate the word " dubiosity " for me. .. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    Om K Published date: January 3, 2017

    Uncool description mentioned * Favorite Words and Search History: Keep track of the words that are most important to you?...There's no exporting history or managing history. Why did you keep the limit to only 25 words? Let it be unlimited. Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    John Anthony Bautista Published date: October 25, 2016

    Not enough storage space error I love this app, but recently I'm encountering a "not enough storage space" error, when in fact I still have a lot (32GB internal, 128GB sd card). Tried to move storage to External, but still the error is triggered. I tried re-installing it to no avail (which deleted my favorite words list 😭). I can't use it right now, and I paid for this! Please fix this and please please please support on-cloud storing of favorite words. I had to delete my list in the past when I moved from iphone to android! Full Review

  • Dictionary - M-W Premium
    eric walker Published date: November 19, 2016

    Excellent, the only flaw that I see is not with the app, but with the dictionary itself. The only acceptable pronunciation for "mature" and "maturity" is with the "ch" sound, in line with the word "maturation". At the very least, the "also" must be removed from the definition of both. Middle America speaks this correctly. 5 stars will go to you when you speak like real educated adult Americans! Full Review