Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto III

Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.

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  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: March 4, 2015
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



The sprawling crime epic that changed open-world games forever.

Welcome to Liberty City. Where it all began.

Rockstar Games celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential games of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to mobile devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City. With a massive and diverse open world, a wild cast of characters from every walk of life and the freedom to explore at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless world of crime at your fingertips.

With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic storyline, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary open-world gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the game that defined the open world genre for a generation.

• Visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models
• HD quality resolution
• Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices
• Custom controls for the mobile platform
• Countless hours of gameplay
• Gamepad Support for select USB controllers
• Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
• Tailor your visual experience with new video display settings

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish & Japanese.

For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your device after downloading and closing other applications when playing Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition.

Please ensure you have at least 1GB of free space before installing Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition.


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Port developed by War Drum Studios


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  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Hyper Sonic Published date: February 12, 2016

    Huge deadzone on analog steering and when it finally engages it's starts off turning quite a bit, no suddle steering is possible, always end up repeatedly tapping steering. I'd like to steer using Bluetooth HID values as low as 0.03 as there already is a hardware deadzone to begin with. Seems like there is no variable acceleration, either fully pressed or none at all. Be sure to turn framelimiter off, runs silky smooth! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Anthony Betch Published date: May 5, 2016

    Love it but.... Just purchased this game and it plays smoothly.... though it did take up way more space than just the little over 600mb that was specified... which sucks cus I'm really running low on space... other that that love it... was just wondering if I factory reset my phone will I still be able to redownload the game? (This is my first time purchasing from play store so just wondering) Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Steve Smith Published date: September 29, 2017

    Excellent port. Graphically it is on par, possibly even better than the cobsole original. Runs smooth on my device with graphics settings cranked all the way up. You'd definitely need a modern device to get full enjoyment out of it. Controls can be a bit finicky but mobile controls are always going to be. Haven't tried it with an actual gamepad. Fully recommend for fans of the series and the original. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Tim J Geiger Published date: September 21, 2017

    I think very highly of rockstar games. I didn't care as much for gta V as I did gta 4... However gta3 takes me back to my school aged days while not the first gta I've played and loved it was the first 3d gta for me and most others. Yeah its far from being my favorite but i still have fond memories of it. Controller support is great too. I love rockstar for that. Console games should have it always. Thanks again rockstar for putting your games on Android. I used to be a "hardcore gamer" via consoles and pc but now i just play on my phone thanks to companies like rockstar games i am able to legally relive memories on my phone. Hoping one day we will see a mobile version of gta 4. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    bailey norris Published date: March 9, 2015

    Great game. Just like the significant PS2 version Bought this game about two years ago and gave a rock-bottom review, when actually it was just my phone. So sorry for that Rockstar. Its a fun, great game. I recommend having a newer model of a android phone for this app, other wise, it won't work. I have a ZTE ZMAX and this game is very enjoyable. No lag. Well, a little bit, but the same amount you would have If you kept the game on ps2, cutscenes are great, not one bit of lag or messed up effect or whatnot. Definitely a five-star. Great job, developers. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Sbr Realest Published date: March 5, 2015

    Great old days!!! I love this game since I was 15!! My older sister had to buy it for me at that time I was to young :)...gameplay is smooth no lags nor crashes on my galaxy light!! But one issue is saving the game and quitting the game, it does have glitches and sometimes won't let me save. I have to pause it and use the home button just to pick up where I left off..If rockstar fix this then 5 stars automatically Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Old school Monster 29 Published date: June 8, 2017

    This game is still fun but hard!!! It's a classic game. I would never play the older gta games because they are hard in some missions in the games but in gta 3 the missions are a lot shorter than the other gta games I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Any way this game is awesome there's lots of different display options so you can have a better experience. I haven't finished this game yet but I will soon. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    legitness 3 Published date: April 5, 2017

    This is a great classic game. This was the first game that I played on the ps2, and to this day I go back and play it, and I love it. I have seen people say that gta 5 is better cause the graphics and mission structure but what if you could only use the tech that was used at the time? And it had to work on the ps2? Also, the controls could honestly use some help, but I digress. Still great to this day and if you want to see how far Rockstar has come, play this classic gem. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    A Google User Published date: September 16, 2016

    The 10 year anniversary edition of one of my favourite and revolutionary games of all time. This is pretty well ported to android with some extra graphical bells and whistles; although GTA3, Vice city and San Andreas could REALLY do with some title updates to introduce Google Play Games integration like achievements and cloud saves. Its a pain in the backside to start from scratch on a new device! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    TIM THE MAN Published date: October 12, 2015

    Super yummy violence It's so good, and looks much better than the old ps2 days. It runs amazingly. I do wish I could have some features like an immersive mode, dare I say cardboard mode, mappable buttons, and the ability to manually aim but, I understand. Thank you for taking me back to the 2000s :-) If you kids don't dig this and can't run it you suck. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Nick Child Published date: February 21, 2017

    I really cannot understand any critism for this android version of one of the greatest games in history. Perhaps its an issue with their phone/tablet not the game itself. They have done the best job possible in my view, particularly with the controls which work surprisingly well (they are very well set out and responsive) The graphics are improved, particularly the draw distances and this runs smoothly at 100% detail on HTC one s. Don't believe all the critics this is purely heaven and at 69p it's a steal! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Blaine Rice Published date: December 31, 2017

    A bunch of edgy tennie-boppers rating this low saying gtav is better, you do realize this is an old PlayStation 2 game right? I mean it came out in 2001. I remember playing this when it came out on the ps2. Awesome port. The controls definitely take some getting used to, but overall it's great. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Sean F. Published date: October 28, 2015

    Tapping can't replace key and mouse Some of the harder missions are nearly unplayable with the touchscreen interface. Very glad to see the player/prostitute interaction gone. Unique stunts are still awesomely entertaining. Add full support for bluetooth keyboard and mouse and I'd buy the rest of the franchise and rate them all 5 stars. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Oscar Estrada Published date: February 1, 2016

    Ah the memories Replaying GTA3 brings back a lot of fun memories back from the 2001, PS2 days. It's just as I remember, fun, funny, and classic. Still laughing at what the pedestrians say and do. I don't really know what people really expected from GTA3 to give it a low rating because this is a classic. People need to get in their thick skulls of theirs that this IS NOT GTA5! Again, NOT GRAND THEFT AUTO 5! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Cruesifixx Published date: January 5, 2016

    Gta 3 in your pocket So far the game is running smoothly on my Motorola Maxx. The graphics are as good as the ps2 version. Only downfall of this game is of course the controls. Like most mobile games anyways. Also you can't hit vehicles with your fist or with any melee weapons like the original. So far that's about the only difference. But still great. Well worth the money Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Shaun Hardman Published date: June 7, 2015

    Love it! Talk about deja vu although don't know what certain people are talking about in their comments? You cannot sue R* for the app not saving correctly... its more likely to be a fault with you phone and software than the actual game it's always saved where I am up to everytime and never let me down Fond Memories every time I play it... Thanks Rockstar Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Dickie Vandermeyden Published date: September 25, 2015

    Those of u that get a download error 905 Go ur app manager and click on the app market and uninstall updates then try the download again, it should work app market will automatically Update itself to the most Update version of market…. Its a Win Win situation enjoy…. Oh and I paid six dollors for this I see its on sale can I get a refund so I can buy it again for new price then I'll buy both GTA's…..Just Kidden…. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Evan Jernigan Published date: January 18, 2016

    The Best!!!! 10 years ago I would have never imagined I would be playing this game on my cellphone?! But Rockstar did it again! They blew my mind with this one I am amazed. The controls are kinda hard to get use to but once you do it's just like the good old days! My one problem is that you can't use cheats which REALLY sucks but once you get far enough in the game you don't really need them. It just takes time. Great game Rockstar!!!! Can't wait to get San Andreas! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Mark Egan Published date: June 13, 2015

    My favorite app So much to offer. For extra fun, I recommend the cheater for the ammo and experimenting with the public xD. Missions are not too hard, and the cars are rather decent. Once you beat the game, it is pretty chill (kinda boring) but definitely worth the money and space for it. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    jake burroughs Published date: January 17, 2016

    Won't let me download. I have wanted to play this game for a long time, and having it on mobile really appealed to me. However this app tells me that I need more external storage to download. Having deleted a lot of files on my SD card it still shows this message. Any help fixing this would be appreciated. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    John Carne Published date: December 24, 2015

    Classic!! Works fine on my xperia m2, only downfall I have is controller support for a ps3 control is not mapped right eg square button enters a car! This fixed or an option to map an external control yourself would be perfect please? If not, still worth the money :-) Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    SlinkyDink Media Published date: June 15, 2016

    Atmosphere and Music Nostalgia from when this first came out on the PS2 and playing it all those year's ago. Still amazing gameplay, and what really brought me to purchasing it again were the radio stations and awesome soundtrack. The music is like being back in 2001 all over again and it feels good. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Daniel Bonitto Published date: August 4, 2016

    Just One Issue Trust me, this is my favorite GTA and I love how the game handles. Real smooth and fun to play. The only problem is that, for some reason, the save menu and the regular menus are messed up. The text and buttons are gone, which prevents me from manually saving the game, and I can't interact with the menu to brighten the screen and stuff. I never had this problem in previous versions and updates. Please fix. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    A Google User Published date: October 10, 2016

    Works great on a Note 7 Got a tbolt rooted. With all settings on game at the lowest it keeps rebooting my phone. Can play NOVA 3 and Mass Effect no problem. Let's get a update or a refund......this is an update to my original review from 2012. I'm using a Note 7 and it plays flawlessly. Still a great game. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    A Google User Published date: March 27, 2015

    Blast from the past! - SGS2 - Ok does crash every now and again. But a very good port. If you have probs with sound on SGS2 delete directory /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files and re-download again. Some cfg files in the data directory you can also tweak... Sweet :) NB: Make backups! And of course this is at your own risk! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Brian Lopez Published date: October 3, 2015

    I CANT SAVE MY GAME I have the samsung mega, and when I play its fine and smooth. When its time to save the game the save screen gets darker and non of the buttons work as far as saving the game. I can get back to the game and play, but whats the point if I cant save. Also I cant access the stats menu, it goes blank and freezes I have to manually force close the app. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    alph_a1 Published date: September 10, 2016

    Its okay Rockstar is dumb enough to let players like me get to the other cities without doing missions. Also most of the packages are visible. Hint: Go to Staunton Island and go to the big red building Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Spiritual Food Published date: October 6, 2016

    rockstar support needed touch controls unresponsive i need a refund! please i rate u 5 stars but i need ur compliance rockstar a.k.a. billion dollar corporation. Please refund me my money. And make gta lcs available for Samsung Galaxy light. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Duane Barbosa Published date: August 2, 2017

    I've always been a fan of the grand theft auto franchise. I could never imagine that this could come in an android version. This is worth paying. The graphics are great. I love this.. The only downfall is the controls while driving. If you guys can fix this analog steering. This game would be great!! Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    DarkFlare Published date: September 10, 2015

    Great game People need to stop leaving negative reviews just beause theu dislike Rockstar Games or their device isn't powerful enough. Have you ever thought of doing some research first? Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Marshall Deans Published date: January 7, 2016

    Size problems I know you might get this a lot but is there a chance you could shrink down the space required to download because even if I delete all my apps I still can't download it. If you can please reply to let me know when its ready in a smaller size. thanks Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    A Google User Published date: January 1, 2016

    Pretty good. This games conflicts with launcher pro but after defaulting to the standard android launcher worked just fine. If you ever, princess crashes I suggest you look at what you're running in the background. I'm increasing my score because of all the idiots giving it a low score because their phone sucks. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Robo Guy Published date: January 1, 2017

    Controls are not easy After a few days of playing it, I found that there isn't a way to shoot the right person(or at least I don't know how). The driving is the most fun for me but unlike more recent gtas, if your car is upside down, it will explode and there's nothing you can do about that. (I also use analogue staering) Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Published date: February 18, 2017

    I used to play it on ps2 and I like this version better. I think the controls are perfect in this version, and it's not laggy at all. Its less laggy and glitchy then the ps4 vice city also they added a replay mission mechanic and everytime you continue your game its at the last mission you were at. perfect. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Tom Wrigley Published date: November 29, 2016

    Classic To me, this game has more of an aroma to it than the other ones. Love it!! Some of the missions are difficult like the ones where you have to pick up three different signature gang vehicles and then the one to knock down all the Columbian Cartel drug stands. Enjoy. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Petey Garza Published date: May 9, 2016

    Good so far. I remember having issues with running this game on my old phone but I gotta say.. So far I haven't had much issues with it besides this one where the menu might be blank and I won't be able to select any options. But it goes away if you close the game and come back to it. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    A Google User Published date: September 15, 2015

    So awesome I couldn't be happier with this game. GTA III is one of my all time favorite games, and this looks and plays EXACTLY like the original, including the radio stations. Use a Moga Pro Power controller with it. Five stars all the way. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Corbin Baney Published date: September 20, 2015


  • Grand Theft Auto III
    Zivalene Published date: December 12, 2015

    How to stop 905 error I got the same error as a lot of other people. Fixed it by leaving the Google Play page open, keeping my screen on, and not touching my device until it was done installing. Worked like a charm. This was the first game I ever played on PS2 and now I have it on PS3, PC and Android, and I regret nothing. Full Review

  • Grand Theft Auto III
    TJ Baca Published date: March 22, 2016

    Idk wtf there talking about its Awsome People if u suck at controlling cars don't complain that it's the games fault. I can drift cleanly around a corner without hitting anything and btw you can move the controls around in the options. Also it's an android port you shouldn't expect it to be just like the console version! If you like gta it us worth the money! Full Review