Solitaire TriPeaks

Solitaire TriPeaks

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  • Current Version:
  • Updated: January 9, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000



Play in paradise with Solitaire TriPeaks, the number 1 online cards game on Android! Our free solitaire game has over 850 levels – with more on the way! Join a Club to work with friends or go solo and navigate the island with your trusty guide, Tiki, and his loveable dog Poi. Disarm Traps, use Boosters, & earn points as you play your way through changing environments and events like Poi’s Treasure. What are you waiting for? Download now and have a BLAST in hot Solitaire TriPeaks paradise.

♠ Relax and fill up your Streak Meter to unlock solitaire BONUSES!
♠ Trigger BOOSTERS like the Shark Hook, Magic Eye, and Peek-A-Boo.
♠ Uncover the Golden Tiki Mask, Flower Blossom, and other hidden cards.
♠ Journey through island destinations, unlocking new solitaire adventures and free bonuses.
♠ Land on the Leaderboard to compete with friends in the solitaire arena and win HUGE rewards and bonuses!
♠ Sip on classic solitaire with a special Tiki twist that includes elements of Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid solitaire games.

♣ Register now for FREE, and you’ll get 12,500 Coins on the house. Plus, you’ll collect a Daily Return Bonus for coins every day!
♣ Play Solitaire TriPeaks with your friends to earn bonus coins and compete in weekly Leaderboard Challenges!
♣ Participate in the TriPeaks Challenge or race to Poi’s Treasure for extra rewards and boosts.
♣ Casual, free, cards game for everyone to enjoy! Never played solitaire or cards games before? Complete a quick tutorial and get extra bonus coins.
♣ Check out our other free solitaire games on Facebook and FreeCell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and Klondike Solitaire.

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397,192 total
5 251,650 
4 98,620 
3 26,070 
2 7,935 
1 12,917 

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Tracy JHL Published date: January 18, 2018

    Way too many glitches and loss of coins/rewards. Money hungry gsn. Trying to get money from people in every which way possible. Ads are rediculous. Quit making changes to the game! Worse with every update! Will change my rating when they start rewarding better for your time put into game. Money hungry. Money hungry, money hungry. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Jenna Vega Published date: January 14, 2018

    I am addicted to this game even more so now with all the new features but I just had to uninstall the game add reinstall it because it wouldn't allow me to collect my daily reward or even get pass it to play the game. I just had to keep closing the app and rebooting the app. Lately this game has been having way to many issues, is frustrating. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Its still doing the same thing. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Dawn Wilson Published date: January 13, 2018

    I would give it 5 stars but to get out of the game I actually had to turn my phone off because the exit button will not highlight. I tried emailing at the email address you provide for any questions or problems and my emails keep coming back saying that email does not Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Patricia Tatum Published date: January 17, 2018

    What a rip off. It deals more bad than good hands. Sure I like the game but Im way more sucessful with other solitaire games than this one like fairway solitaire blast and regular fairway solitaire, cake solitaire, wonderland with the rabbit magician so its not like Im a bad player. I thought maybe if I make a purchase it will do me better. Wrong.. If want let me watch ads most of the time but on my tablet and my daughters phone it will. It tells me no ads available but r on other devices. I edit my ratings Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Katie Kramer Published date: January 16, 2018

    This is my all time favorite game but it won't let me play all of a sudden. It is not working in correlation with my Facebook account, as I have tried the game on two different devices and both don't work. The issue is that it will not allow me to press "continue" on the daily prize menu. It just sits stuck on that screen no matter what I do. I have missed out on a lot of daily points and have probably been booted from my club by now. It really bums me out because I have gone really far in the game and have even spent money on it. I will IMMEDIATELY change my rating to 5 stars if my issue is resolved. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Mary Hester Published date: January 14, 2018

    Download this game 2 days ago and every time I try to play it it won't load. It takes 5 or 6 times before game will load. Keeps saying network issue. None of my other games have this issue so I'm sure it's jyst the game. When it does load it's fun and can be addictive but I usually give up on loading it more than I've played it Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Kim Murray Published date: January 11, 2018

    Getting frustrated. Almost 24 hrs before ads come back. The 5 ads and wild card comes up and can't get ads unavailable. Use to be only a couple of hrs. Fix and would be 5 stars Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    April Helliwell Published date: January 21, 2018

    Not happy I have completed several club quests and like other members of my club we are not getting the rewards so unfare when it costs loads of coins to complete them. Please correct it as it putts us of trying to complete them Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    stud muffin Published date: January 12, 2018

    Definitely set up to have you shell out .99 on a regular basis as games are set to leave you on 1 or 2 cards left most of the time. Graphics and actual gameplay are crisp and well thought out. If you don't mind the frustration of losing alot or being gimmicked into .99 purchases you will enjoy it. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Terrica Meador Published date: January 14, 2018

    I love this game and would have gave it five stars if it wasn't for the the daily return bonus will not let me click it off. Also it will not move from day one. I have to shut the whole game down then go back in to get it off, which is annoying Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    janice house Published date: January 16, 2018

    Loved it till yesterday when I can't get it to rotate on my phone so whole game shows so I can play it. Now it is tiny and only half of game showed. Can't even play it. It is horrible and I loved the game. I am so frustrated. Can't get anyone yo tell me how to fix it. Gggggrrrrrr Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Dave Morgan Published date: January 11, 2018

    The game has started to lose its appeal with me. It seems most of the games are unwinnable combinations, and the app has been taken over by ads. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Nancy Emdia Published date: January 11, 2018

    Since last update, game either won't load or crashes in middle of game. They have updated game and loading/freezing issues have been fixed. Once again, it is my favorite game. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    B Martinez Published date: January 20, 2018

    Can not get support from them in game or the email they gave to get help. It comes back address not found. Stop making me watch the ads. I watch the ones for coins and then you say there are no more ads available. Then one pops up that I can't get coins for. Stop it!! Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Julia Angelo Published date: January 18, 2018

    This game is awesome you should try it. It is challenging and fun. I didn't know about Tri-Peak Solitaire my oldest Daughter got me hooked on it. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Kameka Wilson Published date: January 14, 2018

    I have to delete this game and install it again,because i have to keep pressing the retry button just to play....i cant get to my bonuses because it will not load...and i love this game but i think i will have to delete it again but never install it again until issues are fixed...i know it isnt my network because my wi-fi is fine and i have no issues with it... Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Cathy Thomas Published date: January 3, 2018

    It keeps saying can't load, even after I updated it. This was the fourth time I reinstalled this game because I love it when it will load. But I will not start all over again, Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Shawand Nastie Published date: January 18, 2018

    I like games that you can keep playing without having to worry about spending your own money if you don't want to. This is a game where if the computer wants you to lose you're going to lose and then you're going to have to spend real money to buy fake money, I'm good thanks but no thanks.... Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Shane-o Shane-o Published date: January 10, 2018

    A seemingly good game completely ruined by rigged gameplay/rewards and too high, too quick coin costs geared toward the cash shop. I'll continue playing Faerie Solitaire instead Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Rachael Hipsky Published date: January 12, 2018

    The game itself is super fun but there is too much other suggested games and transition graphics. It makes it kind of annoying to play. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    rubberducky351 Published date: January 14, 2018

    Being over ran by pop up adds that you have to watch. Loved this game, but about to uninstall for the nonstop adds after each level!!! Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Anthony Jackson Published date: January 15, 2018

    Apps been frozen for 3 days and the support team acts as if they can't do anything. All the money and progress I put into this app and this is what I get I'm uninstalling.👎👎👎 Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Deb Johnson Published date: January 15, 2018

    Love playing it! Fun yet challenging. I also love that you can play to win coins and well The boosters are very expensive and it's expensive to play, but you win coins as you play and by watching videos. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Hank TheTank Published date: January 10, 2018

    After the last update i couldn't sign into my game. Today is the first time I've actually played in months. I love the game and im happy to be back playing but i still cant get my bonuses. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Brooke James Published date: January 16, 2018

    Love this. Very addicting. Lots of good deals and sometimes theyll just throw you free coins because youre running low! Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Tyra Luster Published date: January 18, 2018

    I Love it just wish they would stop taking the energy bar down when we have to draw from the deck😂😂but other then that I'm in love with this game...... Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    april ancell Published date: January 20, 2018

    Dont like the fact that you never get the cards needed to win. Always have to use up coins then ask you to buy more. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Aaron Hedrick Published date: January 13, 2018

    It is a great game. The traditional solitaire a bit boring but this puts an entirely new spin on it! This is my favorite game and I love it #notabot 😂😂😂 Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    frank taylor Published date: January 15, 2018

    Cannot seem to get into game. Frustrated.Why can't I download this on my computer too? Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Robert Hull Published date: January 13, 2018

    Most annoying game you will ever play.....don't install.....head wrecker....all they want is your money......this will severely test your patience....DO NOT INSTALL..... Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Published date: January 13, 2018

    Tryed this game to get more coins for another game but don't want to go back to finish first game Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Karen Jakee Published date: January 11, 2018

    It freezes up fix the problem and if you watch a video after every game ads pop up fix it please Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Cindy Davis Published date: January 10, 2018

    I am Glad I came across this game .It's my Favorite. I am really Really addicted to it. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Tekura Tereu Published date: January 6, 2018

    Keeps crashing on me. Lucky I like the game or I would uninstall it. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Andrew Jerman Published date: January 12, 2018

    A fun game plagued with all of the worst annoyances of today's "free" mobile gaming ecosystem. Constant never ending pop-ups offering you to pay cash for abysmally poor coin packages, every time you play (each session will require dismissing at least 5-10 "sale" pop-ups over a few minutes of play). Buttons to purchase premium cards absolutely everywhere. And perhaps most confusingly, no offering of a pay version for a few bucks to remove any of that. Also, if you ever have to sign back in fresh, say a new device, get ready to be forced to play intro rounds and dismiss upwards of 15 or 20 different tutorial screens that have no simple skip button. It sucks because I really do enjoy playing this when I have some free time, but I have never seen a more obnoxious app design. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Thomas Sladowski Published date: January 10, 2018

    And otherwise good game is ruined by too many icons, a rigged system for picking prizes after watching videos, you always get the lowest prize. Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Rachel Ramirez Published date: January 19, 2018

    Very addictive!!! Great game I love it the only problem is sometimes an error occurred thing will pop up and it cheats me out of my coins Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Published date: January 18, 2018

    Wow! I finally found a game that I can't put down! It is competitive, exciting, rewarding, and very addictive! I'm 'hooked'! Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    crazycat coolcat Published date: January 13, 2018

    I love this game sooo much!! It is awesome, fun and you can ply with friends on Facebook Full Review

  • Solitaire TriPeaks
    Kristian Andrada Published date: January 15, 2018

    This game has kept me up all night... It hard to put it down and hard to ignore. lol Full Review