WiFi Automatic

WiFi Automatic

Automatically turn WiFi on and off to save battery

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: December 6, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



This simple app can help you increase the standby time of your device: WiFi Automatic automatically disable your WiFi radio when you don't need it and thereby lowers the battery consumption.

You can also specify to automatically turn on WiFi again, if you turn on your device or when you enter a specified location (requires a cell radio and therefore does not work on WiFi-only tablets!). Also, the app can regularly scan for available networks to connect to and re-disable WiFi if no suitable network is found. This way, you are always connected to your WiFi network when using the device.

WiFi Automatic is open source: https://github.com/j4velin/WiFi-Automatic

A WiFi connection generally uses less power than a mobile data connection, so on your phone, it makes sense to keep the WiFi radio active, whenever a WiFi network is in range

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - is required to start the service again when rebooting your device

The following permissions are required to observe and change the WiFi state:

The following permissions are required to the "turn on WiFi when entering these locations" feature:


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  • WiFi Automatic
    Atropin I.V. Published date: December 13, 2017

    all this app has to do is to remember known hotspots, ie work and home and then keep wifi out elsewhere. unfortunately, I have problems with this app same as the old was that i dumped for this one. namely, when I am at work or home and I have previously logged in there, again it keeps asking me if I want to connect. I went through the wifi setting and disabled the wifi scanning. still same issue. it allows for one location to be saved but it seems not working. for this app to work well it should accept multiple locations ( as in paid version). if it keeps bugging about connection , it would be easier just to turn off wifi when u leave home and turn it back on when you are in your office. repeated notifications kills the purpose of this app. Im surprised no one can get it to work apparently.. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Andrei Bunea Published date: December 27, 2017

    Very nice app. Does what it says perfectly. It is very useful for people like me which forget to turn off WiFi. It would be nice to be able to use this on mobile data too. 10/10 would recommend. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    N Rod Published date: December 14, 2017

    Does what it was created to do. Works perfectly. Google Nexus 6P. Please Do Not mess it up with Updates without extensive testing first. Excellent App. Bought the full version. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Zain Awan Published date: January 16, 2018

    Its very very cool appp Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Ray Sidney Published date: January 17, 2018

    The best works without fail Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    python animalia Published date: January 6, 2018

    Doesn't seem to work Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Stephen Houlden Published date: October 15, 2017

    Myself and my friend have this app. When one of us picks up our device the other one starts up. Apart from that it works a treat Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Jack Neal Published date: November 6, 2017

    I appreciate the developer's efforts to help me resolve the problem I'm having with this app. Hopefully we can resolve. In theory this is just what I need of I can get it to work the way I need it to work. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Andrew Dag Published date: November 20, 2017

    Great app, finally I found it. But I have a problem: I selected that WiFi turn on when I'm home and turn off for night, for example, it's turn off at 11 pm, but turn on in 1 minute because I'm home. Can you fix it? Please! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Dig Bal Published date: December 5, 2017

    Great work. Doing what I want. 5 stars app. Peoples giving 3 or 4 stars only because they want little too much or wanna new functions from author. For other 95% its a great app,specially for function: turn WiFi off after x mins after screen going off. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Frederick Bruckman Published date: October 9, 2017

    I use this app as a workaround for my phone's Wi-Fi crapping out when I'm at home, needlessly sucking up expensive mobile data. (It's an LG V10.) Nothing else works; even apps designed to fix this exact same problem. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    John Staples Published date: November 1, 2017

    Does what it states.... Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: November 25, 2017

    Fantastic app. Many thanks! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Brijraj Jadeja Published date: November 4, 2017

    Not working Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    KAPILDHARIWAL DHARIWAL Published date: November 6, 2017

    GOOGLEUSER. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Ron Gavioli Published date: November 7, 2017

    Simple and efficient! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Glenn F Published date: June 13, 2017

    Increase your security and battery life by having this on your phone. Open source and no ads! On some devices, you have to turn on the "active location scanning" if you want to use the geofence option to turn on your wifi. On my device, I just had to have it on even though I could pick a very high interval check time, like 1440 minutes (1 day). The app doesn't even show up in battery life stats so no effect on my battery. Thanks to the talented developer! Don't forget to donate to help continue development. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Rick W. Published date: August 9, 2017

    One problem makes this unusable for me. If I am in a place with Wi-Fi, and I do not want to use it so I manually turn WiFi off, then if the screen goes off and I turn it back on, this app turns my wifi back on. It needs to have an override so if you turn the WiFi off manually, it will not turn back on until you turn it on manually. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Sebastjan Simler Published date: September 9, 2017

    Guys I'll give you 5* if you create simple widget to enable/disable app and/or option to stay connected to specified wifi until disconnected by leaving the range or so... ☺️ otherwise I love the app! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Dominick Wilker Published date: September 5, 2017

    Help. Used the app, couldn't get location service to work and reset settings then uninstalled.... Now my WiFi won't turn off and it can't connect to networks. Google Nexus 6. The in-app automatic location services, the settings to automatically have Wifi turn on determined by your location? Wifi worked perfectly fine until your app was installed and the setting was turned on. Immediately after that the phone disconnected from home network, could see it was there but was unable to "connect" Thanks for the useless response and deflection of a legitimate question. You're sure a big help! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Rohail Abbas Published date: July 26, 2017

    A suggestion. After it turns off the WiFi when not connected for mentioned time, it should show a notification saying "your WiFi has turned off due to being not connected". I forget that WiFi Automatic has turned off my WiFi and I assume that I am connected. Regards Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Jimmy Hagmeier Published date: April 27, 2017

    Good app. But why is "turn wifi off when..." "screen is off" limited to max. 60 minutes? I need WiFi to stay on for 180-240 minutes after screen automatically switches off. With the 60 minute limit removed, I would rate it 5 stars. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: September 28, 2017

    On this device. Requires manual add to known locations, and does not turn on wifi in known location. Suppose because GPS disabled. But what the point then. Also does not turn wifi on by schedule. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    jeff reitz Published date: June 10, 2017

    Very nice app. Works great turns WiFi off when display is off, turns back on very fast, saves battery. Highly recommended. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: April 10, 2017

    Great app but When 'entering these locations' seting is active the location relays on WiFi to start scanning, therefore this setting is useless unless there is a workaround? Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: May 25, 2017

    Works well! Request: please add an option to toggle mobile data off when WiFi connects, and turn it back on when WiFi is disabled. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: September 2, 2017

    I think this will make me happier & the people around me unable to hack into my wifi. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Rio Wong Published date: September 8, 2017

    Want to reconnect for every 30 seconds only. Want an option to keep using WiFi without disconnection during user's using the device. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: May 14, 2017

    Good app, I use feature of activating wifi on each 5 minutes. I am waiting for feature of deactivating wifi on each 3 minutes. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Kris Randall Published date: September 30, 2017

    Turns off my WiFi far more than I have specified Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Hassan Published date: January 14, 2018

    It doesn't allow me to download applications from Google Play store. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    امیرعباس نعمت Published date: August 7, 2017

    خوبه ولی اینکه همیشه برنامه پولی Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: April 20, 2017

    Great app and mandatory for an Amazon Fire phone, since wifi is always enabled. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Peter Woods Published date: May 21, 2017

    Doe's what is says. Shuts off the wifi so I don't have to. Well done. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Gde Eka Merta Published date: June 25, 2017

    Great stuff ever, I was used from Blackberry era and now on Android.. Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Angelina R. Arvizu Published date: April 12, 2017

    Not working! Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    David Rivera Published date: May 11, 2017

    Internet Wi-Fi Automatic Wi-Fi Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    Deva Dasari Published date: July 15, 2017

    100%Best & Most useful App I love it Very much Full Review

  • WiFi Automatic
    RAUL MARTINEZ SANCHEZ Published date: April 20, 2017


  • WiFi Automatic
    Published date: July 15, 2017

    Works very well. Perfect for battery life. Autostart was necessary for this app. Full Review