Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway

How far will you survive?

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.10.7
  • Updated: September 12, 2015
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



The goal is to survive... but you wont. How far will you go?

Steer to avoid obstacles all while trying to SMASH latched on zombies into debris - OR - run zombies down before they can
jump on your car!

Shoot zombies with a growing arsenal of handguns, shotguns, and automatics. Shoot recently smashed zombies for extra damage!

Improve your skills, unlock weapons, beat all your friends! It will be hard to put this one down.

Cars. Guns. Zombies. What more could you want!?

Key features:
- Crisp 3D graphics
- Immersive CD Quality Audio
- Highly Addicting, Highly polished gameplay
- 16 Guns
- 8 Levels in 3 Environments!
- 4 Cars!
- 8 Different kinds of jumping zombies!


609,187 total
5 391,606 
4 106,078 
3 49,718 
2 22,466 
1 39,319 

  • Zombie Highway
    Mr. I love turkeys XWSD Published date: August 1, 2016

    IT is sooo Awesome! It is sook awesome!! I just love it! But can you please make the ice zombies a little weaker? maybe in the next update? But please make then a little weaker. And can you make the red zombies health regen faster in the next update aswell? But it is and awesome game though! I had it on me iPod (twice) and i had on me tablet (Ten times!) And can you abb more cars? Please! But thank you making this game! I couldn't lige without it! Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    WorldOF Thoughts Published date: March 9, 2017

    It's something that I haven't tryed before as being gamer..... I fine it very funny what you got to do while zombies are jumping on your vehicle... I wish you can go a little faster then going as you are while controlling your cellphone with two hands. I can use only one hand to control the vehicle lol Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Poet Lion Published date: January 7, 2017

    Awesome Very addictive. Makes you want to try just one more time every time you die. Update 2017. Had phone issues and had to reinstall. Lost all game data. Okay, had fun unlocking new weapons, places, cars. Game froze and every attempt to reopen came back to that same frozen screen. Uninstalled again. Reinstalled and no game data was saved. Uninstalling for good this time. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Zahida Khan Published date: October 15, 2015

    It's goods jxjynkekcjgjmgmfmmmmmmm, kook of a new job, and the family. We have been made to this message. We have to do it. I think it was not the same. We will have to pay a penny helps you. We are looking to recruit for our newsletter to get your jjrjyjgjh4 to get your email, you are a bit. It has to do so by turning off to bed now and get back. It has to do so by turning up. It is not the intended for UK mainland only be a problem, I think it was not the same. We will have Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Stacey Sanders Published date: December 24, 2016

    Love it I love it. It is super easy. All you have to do is tilt your phone where ever the zombie is and run over it. My high score is 3.55 mi. And when they get on your car, just get them off by scraping your car by the flipped cars on the road. See?? Easy. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Blake Hairston Published date: August 18, 2016

    Great game! I love this game. Probably one of the best free games out there. However..... how on earth do you turn down or turn off the sound effects. If there isn't an option, there definitely should be. This is the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    GAARA blazing Published date: April 2, 2016

    Hard It is kind of better than the 2. One since it doesn't take a million years to get a minigun but it has nitrous would have beat this game a lot faster than it took me if this one had nitrous Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Andrew Kissell Published date: December 9, 2017

    Ok i tried to get the golden gun and swamped was one of the ones i was missing. I kept trying and trying and i had enough. MAKE IT EASIER WHY DONT YA??!!! STOP PUTTING DEBRIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOD DAMN STREET!!!!! Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Nick Martin Published date: October 11, 2015

    It's fun. I just got this today and im addicted because it is so fun becayse I'm. On the no weapons level. Which is so hard. Anyways it is a good game so get it if u love a challenge and/or zombie/car games. peace out. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Waterbottle Flipz Published date: December 22, 2016

    AMAZING!! I think it's a perfect game for all ages and u should download it, just have a try. Other than wasting ur storage on other apps this one will not be a waste!! Please try and download it now. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Jacob McCoombe Published date: August 23, 2016

    Fun for 10 mins if that I ran out of things to do just tilt the phone focus bigger zombies most zombie games need focusing waste of my time Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Top trending central Published date: January 3, 2016

    Worst game ever. I just try to shoot but it doesn't. Worst game I ever played I ever saw uuuuuuhhhhh.....!!!!!!. There is nothing other then move in the car and shoot zombies. The worst graphic games are better then this. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Abhijit Gujar Published date: October 6, 2015

    Boring game What the hell was car only runs on the road , no dead-end can't move outside area. Boring game, worst download. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Ben Mattox Published date: December 14, 2017

    Just shoot the zombies! If you could update for different languages, that would be great. Im half Chinese. Please make different and call it 在欧美别回I更好蛙泳 Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    ScopeGaming Published date: March 7, 2016

    Zombie Highway. Other player's might like this game. I just don't see this game fun or exciting. Balancing the car when the zombies jump on it and side swiping the cars to get them off and the fire power in the car is hopeless. Not much of a big help. Not fun at all. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Keanan Clark Published date: October 29, 2015

    I love in his own right, the lake city is keanan call you later today or tomorrow Saturday or Sunday. Hey what's up how are things going in Covington at5. scotclark1963 developers ss Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Gmodman 3000 Published date: October 19, 2017

    Great! I love this game and hope to see more of the good work! One thing I want though is a click when your guns are out so I don't think it's a glitch. Otherwise, 1 of a kind zombie game! Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Trey McArthur-Peters Published date: January 18, 2016

    Good times I just love how you can ram zombies into cars and it would kill them. Or the guns that can drain zombies blood Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    musa gordon Published date: January 2, 2016

    This sucks This is a budget game, really who wants to play a crud graphic game, how fun!!! And also the fricken 1900s called back they want their skux arcade game back. Mate what a great company Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Van Wynn Bolton Published date: July 10, 2016

    Zombie Highway Review...Love It! Sqa Engineer {vwb}, Best Sprite Manipulation & Battle Game for the Cell Phone Operating System exploiting State of the Art Geometric Quadrant Movement Hardware, Bit Manipulation, Hardware Acceleration, Frequenza Handshaking and Residual Energy Utilization & Conservation Algorithms. Tester's Review Better than Not. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Monica Sanchez - Armstrong Published date: January 14, 2016

    Great I would give it a 5 stars if you could shoot from every window. But still a great game. I think it is the best zombie game ever behind Plants vs. Zombies Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    multihacker 3695 Published date: January 9, 2017

    Was an amazing game.. That was before it started to crash and not reopen. It crashes if i try to open it. I tried force stop and clear cache but to no avail. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    A Google User Published date: February 15, 2017

    What a game!!!! I usually hate zombie games but this is entirely different. Lots of guns and funny zombies!!! Add more places please A great work by the creators! Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    First Last Published date: December 2, 2015

    Not much The game is fun with interesting toughness of zombies, but the limited amount of vehicles and weapons makes this game very boring once u r maxed. Also once u have 4 zombies on ur car no more will appear on the road. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Scott OConnor Published date: February 12, 2017

    Not much of a game. Don't know how all those people saw this is a very good or great game. Hell all u do is drive down the road and either knock off the zombies with other cars or shoot them. Going to delete this game. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Published date: August 30, 2016

    Well maybe I've been a little too genorous Zombies don't take that much damage when you shoot at them. Zombies are pixely, and since when did they have white stuff on their face? Only thing that is good is the weapons designing. It's a little okay. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Lisa Knaub Published date: July 30, 2016

    Zombie Highway I love this app. I love how there are so many challenges and advantages in the game. I also love the variety of zombies and the different combination of a car, and weaponry you can use for each mission Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Oz yandi Published date: August 31, 2017

    I never liked games basically because lots of them are not challenging. This one here, is good and it got all the ingredients to keep you playing.... Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Zavier Yau Published date: December 9, 2015

    Great graphics, simple controls and fun gameplay. What's better is that it does not require an Internet connection to play. Also, the game doesn't take up much space on the phone. Can't think of any cons. Great pick up and play game. 5/5 Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    daniela tapia Published date: October 29, 2015


  • Zombie Highway
    Dirus Kochkei Published date: February 23, 2016

    Great zombie bashing fun Great game; enjoy the driving and the zombie killing. Could do with achievments, but otherwise this really hits the 'waste time/pickup and play' nail on the head Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Alexander Lozanov Published date: November 7, 2015

    Tons of fun, but gets old and boring... After a while you can get either bored, frustrated or challenged. Once you get all the guns, cars and levels, there is no more challenge and all you can do is get platinum on all the levels which is not to much fun because you've got the super cheap gun. If you have a team like flamethrower, gold gun and ammo pack every thing is to easy for me and nothing new. What I'm trying to say is that the game is great till you beat it and the game team really need to go and update the game. Thanks for reading! ;) Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Robert Vega Published date: October 14, 2015

    Fun. But starting to bother me. Constant freezing and sudden stops. Also it skips my music while I'm playing both. Getting really annoying now cause too much freezes and closes that I can't go far. Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Carlos Baldwin Published date: October 24, 2015

    Who ever don't like this game really need to stop playing games period I like this game and love who hate it let's get back to killing these red zombies Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Alex de Beer Published date: April 10, 2016

    Zombie highway Hahahahaha, best game ive downloaded so far! Its entertaining, controls are easy to use and its just challanging enough to keep you playing...and i will be! Lots! Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Jeff Hayes Published date: January 3, 2018

    Game froze again and couldn't access app,sent feedback countless times, restarted phone, forced app to stop and still didn't fix, had to uninstall an reinstall app to fix and lost all progress including guns,cars ect..third time this has happened and need to data such as unlocks to be restored Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Timothy Alexander Published date: January 1, 2016

    Good but not so much T many ads while im playing an ad will come up right there so fix this and ill give it 5 Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Jordan Wesson Published date: October 11, 2015

    Pretty good The game is really cool however there isn't much to it once you've unlocked everything so can get boring quite easy Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Jarrod Fairbairn Published date: October 30, 2016

    Its pretty good The only reason I didn't give it a five is cause its still has the same guns as it always has I havnt had this for like 2 years and it still has the same guns as last time it really needs new guns Full Review

  • Zombie Highway
    Tim Coyle Published date: November 11, 2015

    Fun game Easy and fun to play, but sometimes pauses when I try to use my guns. Love when zombie heads blow off! Full Review