5 Steps to take Care of your Chair Upholstery

Chairs are the most used part of the furniture and thus are bound to get worn off easily. When something like that happens to the chair in some way it affects the whole furniture. Chairs get stained more often as compared to the other furniture, like when you are sitting on a chair eating something there are chances you could spill your food or if your pets like to sit on your soft cushion chair they might do something on it and stain your chair upholstery.

Cleaning of Chair Upholstery

One can try to avoid situations like this but still, there are chances of this to happen so we must better look into the solutions, like what to do or what not to do, before it. Chair upholstery could be of any fabric so removing stains is not the same for every fabric. You might damage your chair upholstery more if you are not using a correct cleaner to remove stains. So you must know what material your chair upholstery is, so when the time comes you could remove it easily. If your chair is made up of vinyl r any such material then you don’t have to worry because such materials do not stain easily
Following are some ways to avoid and clean your chair upholstery:

Foam cleaners:

Foam cleaners are used to remove stains and r bit of all kind. They are suitable for the majority of the fabric types. They remove the stains as well as deodorise the fabric and remove the foul odour from the fabric. Using the foam cleaners is a very easy process. All you have to do is first take a damp rag and damp the chair upholstery with it. Take the foam cleaner and spray it on it. Now remove the foam with the help of a clean rag it will take away all the particles that have been cleansed out of the fabric by foam cleaner.

Self-made shampoo:

Another quick way of stain removal is the homemade shampoo. This homemade shampoo is made with the dish detergent. It is diluted with the maximum amount of water. The ratio of water and detergent is 90:10 and you can also use shampoo instead of detergent. Apply the mixture on the spot and then with the help of slightly damp rag rub light circles on the spot. Avoid applying to much pressure this might damage your chair upholstery.

Prevent stains at all:

Preventing stains at all would be the best thing to do if you really want your chair upholstery to stay the way when it was new. Like already been told vinyl upholstery has a lesser chance of getting stained so it’s better to choose that especially in offices.

Clean stains as soon as you can:

Cleaning stains the very moment someone has spilt food or something on it can help you avoid the stubborn stains that won’t the go off unless you use some strong cleaner that may affect or damage your Chair Upholstery too. So get rid of those stains as soon as possible before they do some serious damage.
All these ways can help you chair upholstery to survive more period than they usually do